2021 – Sign up for our First-Year Latin Group!

BACKGROUND: Every year, we run a Facebook Community page for people who want to do Bible study in the ancient languages. In the past we have done the whole New Testament in Greek, the Pentateuch in Hebrew, the entire Septuagint, the Apostolic Fathers in Greek, and an Aramaic self-study.

In 2021 we will feature the Biblical Latin Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/biblicallatin)

NATURE OF THE GROUP: this will be a community forum for people who are following our autodidactic study plan on the level of first-year Latin. It will follow the lessons in Wheelock; we will not include other instruction or expert help. The forum will provide a space for comments, observations, and mutual encouragement!

CONTENT: the first year of college Latin, with the goal specifically of reading the Latin Vulgate, reading the Latin fathers, and using the Latin Bible and patristic sources for biblical textual criticism. The plan is to study between January 1-November 30 of 2021. Each week will include a chapter of Wheelock, memorization of paradigms and 15-20 vocabulary words, translation exercises, and a short reading from the Latin Bible and other texts. At the end of the year, those who are interested will be provided with a plan of Latin readings for the year 2022.

RESOURCES: most of the resources are free or inexpensive; many will be available on Gary’s Dropbox: Biblical Latin Group 2021

(1) Wheelock’s Latin (must be purchased) in the newest (7th) edition. Wheelock’s grammar has long been considered a prime tool for self-directed learning.

(2) Wheelock Resources. Many of them,  including audio files and vocabulary flashcards, are available on a dedicated website, http://www.wheelockslatin.com/, and with audio files on Dropbox.

(3) Latin Tutorial Videos. https://latintutorial.com/topics

(4) Quizlet. We have used this program for many years, to study various languages. We will supply a complete set of vocabulary cards and paradigms. It is free for the user.

(5) Christian Readings. From Derek Cooper, Basics of Latin: A Grammar with Readings and Exercises from the Christian Tradition, which includes the Vulgate, the Creeds, Cyprian, Tertullian, Jerome, even Luther and Isaac Newton; also, texts from the Vatican website.

(6) Latin Authors. There are millions of pages of classic and Christian texts online.

(7) News in Latin. For those who really want to plunge in, the Vatican broadcasts a weekly news summary in Latin.

(8) Free dictionary

(9) Logos Bible Software now has Latin resources, including a completely tagged Vulgate and lexicon, for a good price.


For 2022, we will lay out a robust plan of action to do further reading from Wheelock’s Latin Reader (available on Kindle and as a free pdf file), the Vulgate, the Fathers, and other texts.

We hope you can join us on New Year’s Day 2021 for Biblical Latin Group! Gary Shogren

VISIT the Facebook page and request membership to sign up and receive updates!

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