My books, some are free!

Click HERE and you can download a free copy of my commentary on 1 Corinthians (English version). It is based on my own exegesis of the Greek, but the style is non-technical and includes plenty of devotional thoughts as well as Bible interpretation.

What is agape? What are the spiritual gifts?
Should women wear veils to church? Or remain absolutely silent?
What about divorce? Do we exist as spirits forever?
Paul was a missionary – how did he know where to go?
What are the traits of a good Christian leader?

Some of the commentary appears in my blog, see Studies in 1 Corinthians by Gary Shogren

Click here to download How to live the Christian Life, a short collection of essays on turning away from our own strength and living by the New Covenant.

Or HERE Shogren_Corriendo en Circulos 2013 to get a Spanish version of Running in Circles, called Corriendo en Círculos.

The books are free and without obligation; I merely ask that you consider subscribing to this blog. Go to the right-hand column of the Home page and enter your email address in the blank space above “Sign me up!”. You will automatically be notified of new posts when they come out; your email address will not be used in any other way. I repeat: your email will not be sold to Netflix or anything!

If you’re already a subscriber, you might ask a friend if you can sign him or her up.

An earlier book is called Running in Circles: How to find freedom from addictive behavior. It is available on as a Kindle Book for $5.99. Click HERE.

Another book, which is available from and also as a Logos book, is my new commentary on Thessalonians. Click HERE.


1-2 Thessalonians by Zondervan includes commentary, practical application, and my own translation. This one does contain some Greek: if you don’t read it, make your pastor a nice present!

What does it mean to “pray without ceasing”? Which comes first, the rapture or the tribulation? Who or what is “restraining” the Man of Sin? How do we disciple? How should a Christian act at work? How do we defeat stubborn sins?

Again, some of my commentary shows up in OpenOurEyesLord:

Studies in Thessalonians series

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  1. Been looking n looking for somebody credible to explain bible prophecy. So Hal Lindsay has pulled wool over the whole world’s eyes. I can’t read most of old testament, because I have logical brain….for example, I can’t believe the serpent in genesis was literal snake, because many snakes live in trees and water. can u help with resource to help me understand old testament?

  2. […] my full-length commentary on 1 Corinthians HERE, along with two other free […]

  3. […] you can find my books here. Three are free. The Thessalonians commentary deals with our […]

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