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One thought on “Please share!

  1. Hi Jules, and blessings.

    I went through the two chapters of Jeremiah and I have to say I wasn’t convinced in the way that you were. If one looks at the 171 uses of the word “Babylon” in Jeremiah, 100% of the time it refers to the ancient empire in the 600s BC, led by Nebuchadnezzar. Jeremiah 50-51 speak of its destruction, as in Jeremiah 28 and Isaiah 13:1-11. That is to say, I see no reason for Babylon to be code for the USA, nor that the “nation from the north” is anyone but Media (Jer 51:11, 27-28).

    It is very common in the last 75 years or so to read the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other, but this method implies that we are without doubt in the end times. This has led to the idea that Gog and Magog were the Soviet Union (up until 1991) or Russia or Iraq or Iran or Syria (ever since then). I don’t think that is something we know, or can know, or can guess at.

    I have an essay on Gog and Magog that might interest you, although going through the data myself left me with a conclusion that is not common among evangelicals:

    Since human beings, angels, and not even Jesus Christ know when the end will come (Matthew 24:31), I don’t allow myself to form any opinion about the time of his coming; the fact of his coming and our proper attitude toward it, absolutely yes.

    Many blessings Gary

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