Planet X? Planet 7X? Nibiru? Let’s not worry about it!

I teach, and try to live, the fact that every Christian should live with a daily and hourly focus on the return of Christ and our appearance before his judgment seat. This is a given, and it is impossible to understand the faith in any other way.

Nevertheless, false predictions pop up with alarming frequency; they disguise themselves as Bible prophecy but in reality they were invented to take attention away from the Lord’s return.

An example: We live in an age when every few years, someone steps up to announce a fatal comet or rogue planet or asteroid. GILL BROUSSARD (like Carlos Ferrada in Spanish a while ago, and others) is one of a long line of dreamers like Immanuel Velikovsky in 1950. And everyone says the same thing, that No, no, this time it’s different! In the case of Broussard, it is a supposed Planet 7X, which nobody has seen, but will supposedly cause mass destruction in 2021! And, as usually is claimed in these cases, it’s those evil overlords at NASA who are covering up the truth, in order to avert panic or perhaps even to enslave the population.

If you would like to read an 80-page summary of his viewpoint, here it is.

Well, let’s begin with this: a good rule of thumb is, let us not turn to YouTube for science, or better, fake science, weird Bible interpretation, and in this case, astrology! I for one will lose no sleep over any impending disaster in March 2021.

Planet 7X – A Hardly-Scientific Method

Broussard says that, “Three years of research along with astronomical software models of each event that have a repeating overlay to a depth and degree to which the data cross-validated itself was beyond expectations!”

Let’s understand his method: there is no evidence to demonstrate the following biblical dates; he first of all determine that something must have happened on those dates, and then he asked, Which event in the Bible could possibly coincide with these predetermined dates? This is pseudo-science in its purest form.

I chose Broussard in part because someone sent me his predictions, and in part because Broussard claims that his theory backs up, and is backed up by, the Bible. I cannot believe that he actually calculated that Job had his problems in 1342 BC (was it on a Tuesday, maybe?). The other days, many he simply invented, and also changed the order or events or contradicted the Bible’s chronology.

  • Ruth and Noemi – he plunks for 1335 B. C, which is too early by one century, probably two.
  • Exodus from Egypt – scholars say it took place perhaps in 1440 more or less, or perhaps 1290 more or less, but 1518 is pure fiction. He can probably find another “expert” somewhere who agrees with him.
  • The Creation; Enoch; Noah; Sodom; “Babal”; Joseph in Egypt; Joshua; Job; dead Assyrians, these dates are pulled out of thin air.
  • His date for Jonah is at least a century too late, and it contradicts the Bible’s data.
  • Broussard puts Sodom at the same time as the Tower of Babal, which he misspells; he puts three events in the same – wrongly – year of 687.
  • The crucifixion of Jesus? Wrong, it’s not 28, but maybe 30 or 33.

All to say that, when the data are malleable clay in the hands of a con-man, anything is possible.

Planet 7X – My Own Theory of UFO’s

Let’s see if I can put together something similar as a demonstration. I am going to pick a random number and show how the history and the Bible “prove” my UFO theory. Okay, let’s say it will be a factor of my age, 61. 61 times 3, so we have 183 years. Thus, I will demonstrate that a UFO visits the earth every 183 years, and that one will return in the year 2030. And what do the ETs do? Let’s say that they always plant advanced ideas in the human brain, just like in the film, “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Everybody ready?

We begin with the year AD 2030, y subtract 183, subtract 183, subtract 183, and so on, which produces:

AD 1847, 1664, 1481, 1298, 1115, 932, 749, 566, 383, 200, 17; later, 165 BC, 348, 531, 714, 897, 1080, 1263, 1446, 1629, 1812, 1995, 2178, 2361, 2544, 2727…4008

With just a speck of imagination – and trying to keep a straight face – I mark with bold print a few dates and come out with:

  • 2727 BC – an ET warned Noah about the coming Flood, and gave him the plans to build an ark
  • 1995 BC – the three “angels” visited Abram and destroyed Sodom
  • 1446 BC – a UFO gave Moses the Torah
  • 1263 BC – an extraterrestrial “angel” talked with Gideon and added – or took away – the morning dew from the fleece
  • 1080 BC – the boy Samuel heard the voice of an ET

And the years AD? Not too hard, I only needed a few minutes with Google, and of course, I stretched the data, but, who will bother checking up on it? So then:

  • AD 1481 – Gutenberg got a revelation from a UFO to invent his printing press, causing an explosion of human knowledge
  • AD 1664 – the King of France received plans to build the Palace of Versailles, a feat impossible with mere human intelligence
  • AD 1847 – using extraterrestrial technology, the first passenger rail line open, and suddenly the whole world could travel around the globe

Easy, right? And I suggest that my theory is no more extravagant or pseudo-scientific than Broussard’s. Oh, and I too used software to complete my calculations! Nevertheless, I needed only 5 minutes with a calculator, and 5 minutes with Google, not 3 years!

Planet 7X – The Psychology of a Sect

The problem with 7X, with Gill Broussard, Immanuel Velikovsky in 1950, and the rest of the Planet X or Nibiru is that the theory rapidly converts into a religious sect. When they hear doubts about these theories, the faithful immediately counterattack with accusations of stupidity, blindness, brainwashing, being co-conspirators with NASA.

And of course, Broussard presents himself as the one accurate astronomer, and also an expert on the Bible. And people do not know enough to realize that he is neither one nor the other. Broussard must be right, because how else can you explain, for example, the increase of earthquakes and the planets being thrown off course? Aha! But to take it a step further: why would anyone think that about the earthquakes and the planets? Because Broussard said so! This is what happens in the closed system of a sect: the leader gives the theory, and then sets himself up as the only supplier of all the data, and lo and behold, the data and his theory back each other up.

The psychological of a sect is that one’s followers will rally together to insist on the amazing humility, sincerity, and patience of the leader. It’s the charismatic leader who is the gold standard: the data are useful if and when they back the leader, but if they do not, no doubt is cast on the leader’s ability to unlock the mysteries of the End Times. In this case, only Broussard can explain how the sixth seal of Revelation 6 can be fulfilled – there is no other possible explanation! This is what is called a lack of “exegetical humility”, when someone claims to be the first in thousands of years to really understand the Bible.

Planet 7X – The State of the Question

Here are some other facts as of November 2019. Note how the dates have been altered:

2021 Planet 7X.jpg

  • Broussard uses astrology (you read that right) to determine the dates of the end of the world and the return of Christ
  • He admits that neither he or anyone living has seen Planet 7X: “There have been no valid sightings of Planet-7X in the public realm at this time (Nov. 1, 2019).” By “in the public realm” he means, I would imagine, “NASA has covered it up, that’s why there are no reports.”
  • 7X did not arrive in 2013, nor in 2016, as he predicted
  • Now he says that the event probably will come in March, 2021, using a mix of astrology, Bible, and science
  • He has a sturdy theory that “they” (the global authorities) are conspiring in secret to close down the internet; oh, and also to jail any amateur astronomers who share their sightings of 7X. This is why you haven’t seen it on the news
  • Notice the stamp on the lower right that warns “Estimated times and Date’s!” (sic) This is typical of people who have a track record of wrong predictions. So, if Planet 7X shows up in March 2021, he will claim vindication. And after it doesn’t arrive in 2021, believe me, there will be a new prediction, but no change of heart!

The link where he proves that his theory is “biblical” says that 7X will pass by the Earth in the year 2016. This did not happen, yet this link is still active. But let us think about what it means when he changes his date from 2013 to 2016 to 2021, and his followers claim that, “It’s a simple mathematical error, but he’s still right!” To begin with, yes, we all make mistakes, but when you are predicting the near-destruction of the planet and keep messing up, we should be more careful about making math errors.

But what’s more, let us think about the synchronization problem these bouncing dates create: if 2013 was 8 years too early, then we have to recalibrate by 8 years the date of every single one of the events on his timeline! Among other things, Jesus must now have been crucified in AD 36. God created the heavens and the earth, not in 3678 but in 3670 BC. And the tribulation will not happen in 2013-2021.

And the basic tenets of science state that, if your hypothesis is unable to make accurate predictions, then something is wrong, either with your hypothesis itself or with your data. That is why, I believe that people who said that Nibiru or X or 7X would appear on December 21, 2012 and again on September 23, 2017 are grossly less reliable than NASA, which on every occasion stated ahead of time that this would not happen.

Planet 7X – A Fun Math Trick!

The whole Planet 7X thing reminds me of a trick I saw as a kid, and with a little help from the internet, I was able to locate it again. Add this, multiply that, and…is this your birthday? Yes! So, here is Dr. Mike’s Math Games for Kids: the Magical Birthday Math Trick.

The prediction of Planet 7X is more or less on this level of sophistication: just count every X years you will be able to find some historical event.

You don’t have to be an astronomer to detect the basic errors of logic and math “tricks.”

Planeta 7X – The Motives

If an “expert” is not reliable, then what motive might he have to keep promoting his theory?

One reason, always, might be money. He gives away some things to his followers, nevertheless, in order to get the real inside information, you have to invest.

My question is: if someone has insider information about a disaster this global, and perhaps that insight will be the means of rescue for millions, then why does money matter to him?

The second possible motive, which I constantly find in many false teachers, is that fame and respect are a prize more highly coveted than money. There is a certain mental buzz that someone gets at being acclaimed the unique authority on how the solar system really operates.

The Solution?

Let’s read the Bible! Let’s be ready for the coming of Christ! And like Christ himself warned, we had best ignore the false teachings.

“Planet X? Planet 7X? Nibiru? Let’s not worry about it!” by Gary S. Shogren, Professor of New Testament, Seminario ESEPA, San José, Costa Rica

8 thoughts on “Planet X? Planet 7X? Nibiru? Let’s not worry about it!

  1. Gary, great article. I see people try to make prochecies about everything too. People are already saying the new Coronavirus is the “Pestilance of Revelation”! I agree these fears are unfounded and we shouldn’t listen to people who freak out about this stuff.
    (Wow, i’ve probably put more comments on this site than anyone else lol. Good to know i’m welcome as your most frequent customer tho.)

  2. Jesus reprimanded the experts in the law because they knew weather but not signs of the times.

    Paul had recorded in Thessalonians that we don’t know day or hour – but children of the light will not be surprised when Christ returns like a thief in the night to non-believers…CONTRARY to the way the text is deformed in regard to this subject.

    What I saw in this email has some validity to be sure but more it is a waste- if that is the extent of your fairness to the whole bible’s orientation on the Christs second coming, and Jesus’ words in Luke/ or any New Testament mention of end times – (stay alert, watchful, pray you will make it they those times and be able to stand before the then it’s shameful, not worth attention. Nowhere in the Bible is the subject treated so lightly or as if it’s so vague to be reduced to “don’t worry”

    “don’t worry” has nothing to do with it– the point is (for the Bible) be spiritually alert, be in EPH 6 mode, be waiting, watching, be announcing his coming-his salvation, be in MATH 6 mode/kingdom mode etc etc…. the Bible does not shrug the subject away- nor should his people

    Watching the one world beast system get set in place doesn’t mean Gods people just sit and watch it without resisting-

    For now most are so spiritually dull and so intent on “not worrying about end times challenges” (perversion and injustice highly offensive to the Lord)….

    That the frog in the pot and ensuing boiling water captures their state.

    Ron Regnier


    1. Dear Ron, thanks for visiting us.

      May I suggest with all respect that you have misunderstood my point. My point, as clearly stated in the title, was “don’t worry about a fake planet panic”. My experience over many decades has been that people invent these fake signs and set fake dates; people fall for them; they don’t pan out; they lose their hope in the return of Christ and take on spiritual damage. Part of my writing on this blog has to do with pulling people away from these false prophecies, so that they will not be harmed. This is precisely what Jesus told the disciples, don’t follow them. I do not know how one could infer from my article that I am not against worldly values – I most certainly am. Fake astrological predictions fall into world values, hence I reject them and tell others they should too. Every couple of years there are thousands of people who loose their hope in the second coming because of rash predictions. Should not the church inoculate them against them?

      If you look at my whole article, it runs like this:

      “Planet X? Planet 7X? Nibiru? Let’s not worry about IT!”

      And ended with the positive message, that instead:

      “Let’s read the Bible! Let’s be ready for the COMING OF CHRIST! And like Christ himself warned, we had best ignore the false teachings.”

      I have spent a great deal of time in 1 Thess 5 ( Why does Paul say we won’t be taken by surprise? Not because we have any insider information about the time of the Second Coming, because the coming of the Lord is like a thief for all, even believers (Matthew 24:36; Revelation 16:15) We are not taken by surprise by that thief, how? If we do what the apostle said to do: walk in the light. Period. People have also been quoting Jesus about the “signs of the times” for 2000 years, and misapplying it to say “the end must be nigh!” He was not talking about eschatological signs in that passage, at any rate.

      I do not believe that there is a present or imminent one world system that NECESSARILY corresponds to the End Times, nor do I see a one world system even explicitly taught in the Scriptures. It is a popular opinion, it is not the only way to read the Bible.

      I do not believe we are in the End Times or close to them. Nor do I reject the idea that we are in the End Times or close to them. The Lord tells me to be agnostic on the topic, and so I believe that my approach aligns carefully with what the Lord told us about speculation. People have speculated for 2000 the end was nigh, and they always, to a man, claimed that it could not possibly be otherwise. Every single one was mistaken. I do not believe you could point to a particular “sign of the times” – I mean a biblical one, because people make up things, like saying that ATM machines are the tool of the Beast – that is more or less being fulfilled today than it has in other centuries.

      The angels do not know if the End Times are present or imminent; nor does Satan and his antichrist; nor even does the Son of Man. Thus Gary does not know either, and if I claim to or even venture an opinion I am falling into silliness.

      You might enjoy the following. I write fairly frequently about the Blessed Hope and try to, as you affirmed, urge people to be ready to meet the Lord.

      Blessings, Gary

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