Did a NASA supercomputer prove the Bible?


NASA proved the Lost Day of Joshua, using a supercomputer! This story surfaces once in a while, and the internet only serves to give it more “credibility” by making it come at the reader from a hundred directions:

So, what happened is, NASA scientists fed all the data of history into a big computer program, and it turned out that there was a day missing. It turns out that NASA proved that the earth stood still for Joshua, and also that a sundial went backwards during the reign of Hezekiah, as recounted in Isaiah 38.

Although the story was long ago discredited, it has arisen again on Facebook. This blogger states it as a fact (click HERE). He implies that NASA covered it up, but provides no evidence. My friend Robert Newman – who has a PhD in astrophysics from Cornell – has a full, detailed study on this rumor and many other articles on the Bible and science (click HERE). He shows that the tale has been circulating since 1890. To repeat, this is not some random idea that I heard from a friend of a friend, you can contact Dr. Newman and ask him for yourself.


OF THE BIBLE AND SCIENCE, go to http://www.ibri.org

I love God’s Word (and believe in the book of Joshua!), and therefore react when I read long-discredited stories. In fact Stephen Jay Gould, an atheist opponent of our faith, uses the NASA story as an example of how Christians will believe anything we’re told. Let’s look sharp when we hear rumors, and look them up before passing them along! The easiest way to do so is to google something like “Joshua missing day hoax” – if it’s a hoax, you will soon find out.

“Did a NASA supercomputer prove the Bible?” by Gary Shogren, PhD in New Testament, Professor at Seminario ESEPA, San Jose, Costa Rica

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  1. Hi hope your fine ok here, been busy , ongoing works and night street taken a bit longer as age has grabbed my body in firmer grip, age.

    I read your article On degrees, well my thoughts are fine but we need to know the living God who is spirit, more so rather than the philosophy of men, which appears to be mixed with lot of other stuff….I was reminded long before the church came to be the ecclesia was not based on the Greek wisdom as it is today. I think that;s fair and a truthful thought. I think that might be fair to say, platonics, or the other ideas sifted in, all the other added thoughts have made what I believe to be relational life form into a deeply rational religion with rules and who people follow, and as man centered… I think it’s great to get a good education as long as it does not replace God or a relation he requests from us to be set aside.. It would be good idea to get degree in JESUS, over men following men..just a thought,,,

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  2. Interesting, I am delighted to see the thought process. In my on research I got in the Enoch a bit and had some contacts in the science world describing the sciences of the esoteric world and theory passion to enter the physics the Germans engaged during the last war, I wondered seeing so much of it came here.

    and has dripped out…My own work has flown in the face of preset controlled technology and labeled as disruptive having fought out the freedom in the court system o use it , been a real eye see how corrupt the practices are here still goes on.

    Just for your prayer I developed mesh for fuel cell defers hydrogen attack and does not require precious metal. Presto a total winner. But the investors sought to quickly try get to steal the technology, amazing America is laden with it’s dark practices , it’s become chronic here.

    JESUS WORKS THOUGH I won one case, a little more wise now and would not hesitate to file lawsuit these days over those issues have to or your done.Corporate America is dark place sir. sick stuff.

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