Raking and the Kingdom of God

imagesRaking leaves: on the bottom of my list, way below all other yard work. Lower than fixing leaks; cleaning; trash day. I can’t think of a task I enjoy less. Made even worse by the fact that I had them all picked up two weeks ago, then it got windy and I had to start again. I become nostalgic for the days you could pile them up and pour a gallon a gas, toss the match, and feel that WHOOMPH in the chest.

But raking leaves is my vocation for today, God’s call on my life, and one where I must pray for the Spirit’s hand on me to guide the rake, with joy, care and gratitude.

I recognize no gospel which lacks the power to connect me with God’s grace even through, for example, raking leaves.

2 thoughts on “Raking and the Kingdom of God

  1. Raking leaves is great excercise for both body and spirit. For the body great muscular and cardiac workout; for the spirit great meditation on the things of the Kingdom!

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