The thief on the cross: a close shave, or a miracle?

One thief on the cross cursed Jesus to the end, the other stopped and turned to him in faith: “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom” (Luke 23:42).

Let’s not paint a portrait of the repentant thief as the nice, sensitive member of the criminal gang, who felt badly about Jesus and reasoned that he should put his life in order. Both thieves were serious Bad Boys: the term used for them means “bandits”, the same word Jesus used in his “den of thieves” statement. Both taunted Jesus at the outset (Matt 27:44). But one repented because of the work of God in his heart, not because he had a better family background, a better education or was more “spiritual”.

imagesAs the hymn puts it:

“All our knowledge, sense, and sight
Lie in deepest darkness shrouded
Till thy Spirit breaks our night
With the beams of truth unclouded.
Thou alone to God canst win us;
Thou must work all good within us.”

From “Blessed Jesus, At Thy Word”

“The thief on the cross: a close save or a miracle?” By Gary Shogren, PhD in New Testament Exegesis, Seminario ESEPA, San Jose, Costa Rica


2 thoughts on “The thief on the cross: a close shave, or a miracle?

  1. well said amen , streets going full bore this season I am deeply entangled in three regions, been wonderful going, faith grows when sight fails it’s pure relationship brother always is and will be. All ok here and wife is fine and the home groups have grown to 4 groups and more in the making.

    I am amazed I am able to hike so hard in the night and into the darkest places God is blessing sir like acts here these years, I for gotten how many years I been in Vt and all sorts of odd places , JESUS SAVES only he save world gone mad with drugs and the deep cults.Love to you…happy easter, JESUS IS THE JOY OF OUR HEARTS.

  2. This should give us optimism that God can save the hardened sinner, even those like me!

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