So I guess theology IS relevant

4 thoughts on “So I guess theology IS relevant

  1. (Prov 27:4 [KJV])
    Wrath [is] cruel, and anger [is] outrageous; but who [is] able to stand before envy?
    Envy or popularity…you might get so many links to this post that you’ll be tempted to become trendy.

    verse copied from The Word free bible software.

    1. My family knows full well – because I say it often – that becoming “trendy” would finish me off. 🙂

      1. I agree, Gary, I don’t follow the croud and I am seeing why people are shunned for following Jesus, but I will follow Him forever, no matter what the cost, it feels so much better to do the right thing, WWJD, is what I ask myself, and I find I’m not afraid of anyone anymore, God is the only one I need to fear. I pray about this very often because sometimes it can put you situations where you have to choose, and it feels so much better to choose the Lord, then I know I have chosen right no matter what.. thanks for your blogs…

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