Brace yourself – it’s Christmas Season!

Advent season starts this Sunday (2012). Like many Christians, I’ll be following a plan of Bible readings and prayers in preparation for Christmas and in anticipation of the Second Coming.

I don’t forsee being stressed; in fact, I plan not to be stressed.

I don’t want to gloat or be “that guy”, but we have a low-stress Christmas. On Black Friday I watch people on TV, whacking each other with sale items at Big Box stores; I work hard not to roll my eyes.

I hear people talk about Keeping Christ in Christmas, but their actions speak louder than their words.

Here’s one option: When the kids were small, we started a Secret Santa plan, where each Christmas we would put our names in a hat, and choose out our person for the following Christmas. We had all year to keep our eyes open for that special someone. We set a dollar limit, relatively low, with an emphasis on thoughtfulness rather than on monetary value.

We wondered at first if children that young (ages around 7-13) would understand the concept of one gift given – just one gift received, but they have been thrilled by the idea ever since. We have continued the game with nine people, to the delight of all!

We start with one person opening his or her gift, and pass it around to look it over; then the next one goes. This means that I can recall my Christmas presents from the last few years – I wonder how many people can claim that?

We refuse to do Yankee Swap, which, all agree, would just end in tears.

I usually shop online, since we’re never sure to be near the family at Christmas. This year, however, Karen and I went shopping in Madrid, Spain, for our two people (ssshhh!). So, my main Christmas shopping has been done since August.

Christmas dinner? It’s pot-luck – everyone brings what he or she wants to add, there’s no assignments and the result is unpredictable and fun. This year I’m contributing Swedish meatballs with lingonberry garnish; last year I made an English Pudding that my Aunt Ethel always brought. We have dishes from many countries. If people bring only salads, well, that’s what we eat! Only desserts? No problem. If there’s something in particular you want to see on the table, then you’d best bring it.

And yes, I do get it, that women usually are burdened with more holiday stress than men, but be assured that I do my share to help in the house and kitchen too, as my family will testify. And I do understand that some have a large tribe of nephews, in-laws, steps, etc., and that their family situations are not as self-contained as ours. But maybe you can catch everyone at that moment when they bring up how stressful shopping is and suggest something more streamlined.

“Brace yourself – it’s Christmas Season!” by Gary Shogren, Professor of New Testament, Seminario ESEPA, San José, Costa Rica

6 thoughts on “Brace yourself – it’s Christmas Season!

  1. Hello Gary,
    It sounds like you are full of the Christmas spirit!?
    I heard once that I was mean because I only gave a tin of biscuits!
    As you are no doubt very well aware, Christmas is,or can be a very thorny issue for some Christians.
    The bible tells us (as I understand it) that we are to celebrate His death and resurrection, not His birth. We all know that the Saviour wasn’t born on 25th December, and that there are pagan origins etc. But if we take these things to the nth degree so are Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday… I do know of a family that won’t say these weekday names!
    Lets face it we can’t hide from Christmas, and it is a big part of the holiday season for most folk in the western world (the excesses are abhorrent). Having said all this we chucked out the big green tree and Santa many years ago (I believe the OT tells us that there is much idolatry associated with green trees). Having said this many falsely teach that Jeremiah 10 is talking about Christmas trees.
    As gentile believers we must listen to what Paul says in Colossians 2.16.
    Keeping Christmas or not won’t save any man. Having said this, we can but try and do it in a God honouring way. Is that at all possible? God be merciful to me a sinner.
    God bless.

  2. My streamlined giving is going online to World Vision and selecting from their gift catalogue. My giving goes totally to them and who they choose to honor. However, this year, I am visiting my sponsor child in Siquirres Costa Rica and will be taking gifts to her and her family. I am sure this will be a Christmas I will treasure.

    1. Excellent, Shirley, I really appreciate this. Do you know that I am a missionary to Costa Rica? So I know where Siquirres is. We’re up in the States for now, otherwise our paths might have crossed. You can read about our ministry here. Merry Christmas!

  3. Gary, Your blog came in the midst of my high stress Christmas (renovations to the house because of Hurricane Sandy, extra work because of Christmas, a December wedding, decorating, etc.). I will do my best to keep the stress down. Dennis

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