Fear is a false god, not a sign of how alert you are

I have tried to sketch out a blog article on this very topic for some time, but could never say it this well. So I’m going to link to this short essay by John Pavlovitz, posted last year in Relevant.

By the way, a lot of people wrote back to the author and claimed he was “afraid to take a stand, given that the sky is falling!” I think they misunderstood his article, or have mistaken theology.



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Rules for commenting on this blog

We have a few simple rules of courtesy (CLICK HERE) for posting on Open Our Eyes, Lord. We welcome all who wish to share according to these rules. Gary Shogren

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You are not a slave!

When it comes to the complex issue of labor and management, the Bible has answers. But are we asking it the right questions?

In the old joke, a man wanted to know God’s will from the Scripture. I’ll open the Bible at random and point, and that will be God’s direction for me. When he opened his eyes, his finger was resting on the verse, “Judas went out and hanged himself.” I’ll try it again, he said: this time he opened to the verse, “Go thou and do likewise.”

God’s Word is true, but those verses were not the answer to that man’s question!

Yet, we commit the same error on the topic of labor: most of the teaching I have run across is based squarely on three Bible passages on the theme of SLAVERY, texts that only indirectly have to do with employers and their employees or labor and management. (more…)

New Link

My friend Bill Isley just launched a theology blog. I hope you’ll visit it at http://www.billisley.com/

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