Putting Christ back into Christmas

Putting Christ back into Christmas is not as simple as getting the greeter at Walmart to agree to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.” Nor is it a question of a US president saying it aloud – as, contrary to current evangelical myth, every US president has always done.

No, it is a daily spiritual discipline: speaking the truth about the incarnate Savior; abstaining from the addictions of materialism, anxiety, family squabbles and a critical spirit, in fact, all the variations of being unloving; and above all, anticipating his Advents, first in Bethlehem and second on the Mount of Olives, as our King.

2 thoughts on “Putting Christ back into Christmas

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  1. Hopefully, you realize no one things saying Merry Christmas is the answer. It is just a place to START when every person who is not a believer wants to do away with it.

    1. Every person who is not a believer wants to do away with it”? You must live in a more antagonistic town than I do!

      Our current president keeps saying that previous presidents refused to say ‘Merry Christmas’. He offers no evidence! Blessings, Gary

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